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Claiming list

c l a i m r u l e s

Tv Series, Movies, Videogames// When claiming a TV series, movie, or videogame, be aware that you are claiming that particular movie, videogame, or TV show’s season only. If the subject you’ve claimed has more than one installment or season [EX: Harry Potter], then claim each installment or season one at a time. This allows more people to work with the subjects they wish to work with, without having to be wait listed.

Characters and comics// If you claim a character, it doesn't matter who plays the character as long as they are playing that specific character. Your claim is over that character in any series/comic/movie/etc. If you claim a comic, your claim is over anything in that comic series and all issues made of that comic. All versions of the comic are also included in your claim.

Actors, Bands, Groups// Claiming an actor, band, or group means that you can make icons using any image of said actor, band, or group. Put simply, if you claim an actor, and want to make an icon of him/her from a movie or TV series, then go right ahead. However, if you claim an actor, you cannot make icons of only one of their roles. If you want to do that, then claim a character instead.

Ships// Claiming a ship does not mean that the characters in that ship are claimed. For example, you can claim Draco Malfoy, while someone else claims Draco/Ginny. If you claim a ship, your subjects must both be present in at least 75% of the icons, while the rest can be invidual if you choose. You may not claim ships based on real life.

p r o c e d u r e


// Read through the claims list and make sure your claim is not taken. You can comment on the Waiting List to be added there and transferred over here when the subject becomes available.

// Comment with three examples of your work [icons, obviously] along with your claim. However, the icons don't have to be about the subject you're applying for. Submit your claim by commenting to this post using the following form:
Name of Claim:
Type of Claim:
Posting Username:

Name of Claim: Elijah Wood
Type of Claim: Actor
Posting Username: revanchists

// If you are unable to complete your challenge, please comment here and your subject will become available once more.

// If you fail to complete your icons before the deadline passes and you haven't dropped your claim, your claim will simply be deleted and available again. You can, however, re-apply for the same subject.

c u r r e n t c l a i m s

Tv Series, Movies, Videogames//
MOVIE; 28 Days Later -- falsefoxglove ends 06/19/06
MOVIE; Breakfast At Tiffany's -- lejulianna ends 07/31/06
MOVIE; Gladiator -- cobrasnaps ends 07/09/06
MOVIE; Equilibrium -- dgtall ends 07/09/06
MOVIE; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -- hhr79 ends 05/31/06
MOVIE; Moulin Rouge -- squishysquidgy ends 05/31/06
MOVIE; Phantom of the Opera, The -- belegwathien ends 06/09/06
MOVIE; Pride and Prejudice -- weasley_hobbit ends 07/31/06
MOVIE; RENT -- herosquad ends 05/31/06
TV; Lost -- saharaam ends 07/31/06
TV; One Tree Hill, season 2 -- pastsevendays ends 06/26/06
TV; Scrubs -- __hollowone ends 07/14/06
TV; Supernatural -- itling ends 05/31/06

Characters and comics//
RENT; Mimi Marquez -- aerisu ends 07/09/06
WICKED THE MUSICAL; Glinda -- onsunset ends 07/09/06

Actors, Bands, Groups//
Carter, Nick -- bonesbaby33 ends 06/09/06
Grint, Rupert -- 7thedition ends 07/31/06
Gyllenhaal, Jake -- heydigital ends 07/31/06
Henley, George -- loverave ends 07/09/06
Phoenix, Joaquin -- erisedwillow ends 06/11/06
Strokes, The -- nialish ends 07/31/06
U2 -- kimus_mwah ends 05/31/06
Watson, Emma -- heart_music_ ends 06/26/06


Crombez, Elise -- rikome ends 07/14/06

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