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elite100's Journal

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Elite 100 Icon Challenge
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i n t r o
Welcome to elite100, an ELITE Icon Challenge Community, very similar to that of icons100. Why, you ask, are we Elite? Because the makers of the community were somewhat annoyed when people made 100 icons that look like they took a whole 2 minutes to make. Here we encourage quality icons and for that reason we are elite. If you are approved, you, too, can join the Elite in completing this icon challenge. Not just anyone can be elite, and rather than you telling us that you are elite, we'd like to see proof. That is why, when claiming your subject or waitlisting, we ask for a few examples of your "talent". If we decide that you aren't Elite100 material, then you may try again with different examples up to 3 times. If that still doesn't work, I'm sure one of the other fine 100 communities (mosaic100, icons100, ships100) have a waitlist.

n a v i g a t i o n
// Subject Claim List
// Completed Claims list
// Wait List
// Posting FYI's
// The Elite
// Dropping your claim
// FAQ/Questions and Answers

r u l e s
// Subjects that are permitted are as follows: actors, actresses, ships, TV series, movies, videogames, groups, bands, and pairings. If there is any grey area, please apply and the maintainers will decide whether or not your subject is appropriate.

// You must have the subject of the entry formatted like this.

// Time limit: You have a total of 10 weeks to complete your challenge. You may, however, ask for an extension of up to a week if no one is on the wait list for your subject.

// You may only claim one (1) subject at a time. Once you finish, you may claim another.

// We would apreciate it if you would incorporate our 25 themes into 25 of your icons. We are not the theme nazis and we won't argue about whether or not an icon fits into a certain theme. If you think it fits, then it fits. It is your art, after all.
01. Lust 14. Monopoly
02. Love 15. OMG!
03. Postcard 16. Pink
04. Revenge 17. Green
05. Parlez vous? 18. Sadness
06. Bitch, please 19. Regret
07. When I am King/Queen 20. Guilt
08. Fame 21. Happiness
09. Staring 22. Snarky
10. I’m in trouble now 23. Don’t make me hurt you
11. Take a sad song and make it better 24. Embrace your inner nerd
12. Desire 25. Kiss me
13. Lucky star

m o d e r a t o r s
Maintainers// midorisour; heydigital; revanchists
Founded By// cici_chan from kyrielfalafel; mylynn from purebloodicons;

a f f i l i a t e s
mosaic100; duet_icons; colorfilter; goodactoricons; takenote_icons; geekyicons; texturize; elitescifi; cinematic50; scifi100; purebloodicons; kyrielfalafel; sempra_elite ; goodburtonicons ; gilmore_elite ; project_99 ; partiricons

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